Water purifiers dedicated to laboratory
Water purifiers dedicated to laboratory


Water purifier OFFPower light OFF No power supply– Verify the power supply wires
– Switch power ON
Power supply fuse is brokenCheck and replace the fuse
No production of purified water– Power light ON
– indicator PUMP is off
– indicator SOURCE is ON
The inlet tap water supply is closed or has insufficient pressureImprove water supply
Water inlet tubing folded or obstructedCheck that the inlet pipe is not damaged.
– Power light ON
– all control light indicators OFF
Fuse in the controller box brokenReplace fuse
reduced flow of purified water– Power light ON
– indicator PUMP light ON
– Pump running continuously
Pre-treatment cloggedReplace the pre-treatment filters before the RO membrane
Weak flow of inlet waterIncrease the flow of the inlet water
Reverse osmosis membrane cloggedChange the membrane
Pump leakagePump damagedReplace the pump
Flow restrictor blockedReplace flow restrictor
– Power light ON
– indicator PUMP light ON
– Pump always OFF
Pump fuse burnedReplace the pump fuse
Starts and stops continuouslyLight indicators FULL and PUMP alternateDefective high-pressure sensor or check valveChange pressure sensor and check valve
Lack of pressure on purified water output– Power light ONWatertank hand valve closedTurn ON the watertank hand valve
Requested pure water volume above the capacity of the water purifierWait the watertank is filled again
Lack of pressure in the pressurised watertankRe-adjust the air-pressure of the water tank
purified water conductivity too high Resin saturatedReplace resin cartridge or bottle
Drain flowing continuously– POWER light ON
– FULL indicator ON
– Pump indicator OFF
Inlet solenoid valve defectiveReplace the inlet solenoid valve
– Power light ON
– Pump indicator ON
– Auto-Flush not activated
Flush solenoid valve defectiveReplace the flush solenoid valve
Conductivity meter display OFF Batteries out of orderReplace the batteries