Water purifiers dedicated to laboratory
Water purifiers dedicated to laboratory

Recommended conditions

A reverse osmosis system works well with water at ambiant temperature. The tap water should not be too hot (above 35°C) or too cold ( below 10°C). Outside these bounds, the membrane might be damaged irreversibly. The optimum production of water is obtained at 25°C.

In order to activate the reverse osmosis process, the tap water pressure in the membrane must be strong enough, above 2.5 BAR ( ideal pressure is generally around 4.5 BAR) but can vary depending of the membrane. When the tap water pressure is too low or vary, a booster pump is required. It is recommended to rince the membrane every month using the following process:

  • disconnect the restrictor
  • leave water flowing during 20 minutes
  • reconnect the restrictor

This manual process is similar to the flush function available on the system equipped with an electronic controller, which allows to rince the membrane easily just by pressing a button.